Alternative bamboo commodities


Alternative Bamboo Commodities (ABC) will focus on the acquisition and processing of raw bamboo timber into finished and semi-finished products to be distributed both domestically and internationally.

The initial proof of concept facility will be located in the Waycross, GA area and serve as the main hub for raw bamboo collection. The location will intake, grade, and sort raw
bamboo canes for their ideal end products as well as remove the branches and leaves preparing the raw material for one of the 5 products.

Our Mission

OnlyMoso works to become the largest trader of bamboo   commodities through the cultivation of plantations, development of packing and processing facilities, and the growth of the industry through innovative products. 

OnlyMoso Vision

Our History

ABC is being founded by leaders from OnlyMoso USA whose passion for bamboo and the bamboo industry is deeply rooted.

The formation of this business is based on filling a need in the United States for renewable and sustainable timber products.

OnlyMoso USA was founded in 2015 as an extension of OnlyMoso Italy and now is a free-standing business leading the industry in the management of bamboo commodities and has the largest number of commercial bamboo farms under its umbrella.

OnlyMoso leadership is seeking to form ABC as the processing center for bamboo timber both for its contracted farms and the independent farms and wild fields.